Dead '96 GMC Suburban

Occasionally when I try to start the car after it has been driven a while nothing happens except all the dash lights go out when I turn the key to “start.” No clicking solenoid, no nothing. The lights work, as do the windows & seats, but absolutely no power to the starter. The battery tests good. Then, in a while, whether the engine has cooled down or not, it decides to start. The check engine light does not come on. It is a new engine & auto tranny, all new plug & coil wires, K&N air filter & Banks exhaust. Also, before it decides not to start, while driving, all of the dash trouble lights flash on & off very quickly and intermittently with the guages (fuel, oil pres., temp & batt) and speedometer going dead when the trouble lights flash “on.” My chevy dealer doesn’t know what’s going on. Anybody have an idea?

See if there is a diagnostic test for the ECU or ECM. Test that for intermittent failure or loose connection

It has NOTHING to do with the Plugs or filter. It’s electrical…specifically the starter/starter-circuit. I’ve seen situations where the exhaust manifold heats up the starter so much that it won’t function until it cools down. Could also be a diode someplace or a capacitor that’s burning out.

I had a problem like this one on my 96 Pontiac Grand Prix and the only thing that it needed was a new alternater. :o) It would do the same thing thou, hope thats what it is.

You left the car with this info,paid for 1hr diagnosis,got your car back and your bill read “could not duplicate”.Did they give you battery and charging/starting system specs. for your money?If so what are they.I would always write these specson the repair order,I wanted to get paid for the testing.