Drop down ad interfering with the menu bar

Recently there has been a drop down ad that covers the Car Talk menu bar as you scroll down a topic. It requires scrolling all the way back to the top of the topic before it disappears and reveals the menu bar. This is getting very annoying.

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I just noticed an X at the right side just under the drop down ad that makes it disappear. That helps but still annoying.

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My solution is the same as Keith’s, click on the little “x” at the bottom right of the ad. That “x” is not in a place you expect it to be, so placing it there is sort of a trick. But once that’s cyphered, easy to get rid of. And remember those ads are at least partly paying for this website.

I should add, if anybody is interested in my opinion, I prefer the way the ads have been displayed for some time , rather than overlaying the page, in-between the posts. Or at the bottom.

Agreed. Pop up ads that conceal the menu bar are unacceptable.


I don’t have that problem I use a free ad blocker called Easy Ad Blocker windows 10 with Google Chrome.

All ads are unacceptable to me.


Chromebook here, when I scroll up the ad goes away.

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When I scrolled up, it did not go away until I was all the way to the top. Mac, Safari. But I don’t see a drop down ad anymore. They come up from the bottom like they used to.

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Just another reminder that these services are not free. They are ad carriers and they accumulate data about you that is sold to others. I think Google is now the country’s largest ad agency, but haven’t researched it.

They seem to be gone now, that was our punishment for complaining that popping up on the bottom covered the reply button🤪

I don’t mind them coming up from the bottom, that never bother me for some reason. But just a suggestion here, there is a lot of unused real estate on the right side of the screen that most other web sites rent out for ads. Just saying, I can ignore the ones to the right just as easily as I ignore the ones at the bottom.

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