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Mysterious piece on windows weatherstripping, how do I remove it?

I bought a side windows deflectors (the one that won’t make wind noise when I crack open windows while driving). This windows deflectors supposed to be installed (double-sided tape) on the windows weatherstripping (the black rubber pieces running along the windows edges). My van’s windows have a small piece like a thumb that installed on top of on the weatherstripping (both sides of the doors have them). How do I remove them? I don’t want to pry it open and mess up my windows weatherstripping.

Those tabs are guides for the window glass so when the window is rolled up it goes into the window channel at speed. Without them, the positive pressure inside the vehicle would push the window away from the channel.

Instead of removing the guides, trim the deflectors to fit around the guides.


thanks, Tester. I am glad I asked, else I would mess up my windows. Glad to know those are tabs to guide for windows glass.

“Glad to know those are tabs to guide for windows glass.”

Every feature of a car is there because of a specific purpose, otherwise the company’s cost-control accountants would eliminate them. Think of it this way…Even your appendix is there for a specific purpose, and removing it is not a good idea unless it becomes infected.

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