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How to Replace Weather-strip on Exterior of Car Beneath Windows - 2005 Camry

Car: 2005 Toyota Camry LE, Engine is 2AZ-FE, Transmission is U250-E, 166,000 miles

This black weather-strip has been falling off my car, both sides and all windows. It blows in the wind, so I took some scotch tape and just taped it back up. This is the black weather-strip beneath all windows (not the windshield or rear window).

So I think I need to replace this. Can I use any type of weather strip? Does it need to be a certain thickness? Does anyone have like a part number? I can’t find this type of weather-strip on online auto-retailers under my car, so I think it’s just a generic tape that can be used on all cars, but I assume there’s different thickness for each car?

Does anyone know of a video showing how to replace this?

Thanks for all of your help!

Here’s a video that shows you what to do:

Note that it’s not a generic part. If you want it to fit and look right, you need the actual part. If has it, great, because that’s almost guaranteed to be the cheapest route. Otherwise you might have to get it from a Toyota dealership.

Personally I wouldn’t bother going the junkyard route suggested in the video. I like to do jobs once when possible, and getting one from a junk yard just means it’ll be that much sooner that I’ll have to do it again. But it’s a viable option if you’re OK with the replacement part not lasting as long as a new one probably would.

Get the OEM because it will fit perfectly but they are a bit pricey though.

Definitely not for rubber parts. They should be new.


So I can’t find the part on rockauto for my car. If you can find it, can you show it to me, the part number? When I search for like “trim seal” etc, I can’t find it.

Also mine appear to be different than what is shown in the video. Mine appear to just be this black strip that is held in with nothing but glue. It doesn’t snap into a notch or anything like that.

Ok I think you guys thought I was talking about something else. Sorry for not a clear picture. I’m talking about this black strip underneath the silver part on my car that is falling off.

What’s the name of this part?

That is the belt (line) molding. After you remove the belt molding you will see that the weather strip has two wiper seals, it is not a simple replaceable weather strip.


Hey Thanks!

On my car that bottom black part (wiper seal) is completely falling off. But it seems like I can’t just replace the bottom black part and have to replace the whole assembly (weather strip)?

It also sounds like from what you said that it’s not simple to replace, do you know of a video on how to replace it (this more difficult version)? Sounds like it might not be worth fixing from what your saying, and paying a couple hundred dollars to have it done doesn’t seem worth it, if I can just tape it back up up to the door.

Thanks for all the help!

Remove the outside mirror. Lift the belt molding from the door, there are no screws but there are retaining clips holding the molding down.

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thanks, so I looked online and I can’t find this part aftermarket, are you able to? I don’t think it’s on rock auto or A1Auto, at least I can’t find it.
Seems kind of crazy to pay $100 for a single one from the dealer.
I unfortunately need to do all four for my car.

Chrome trim is normally an OEM dealer only item.

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This is horrible. It would be over $400 to make this repair lol, by the time pay shipping and taxes, probably close to $500.

What is the function of this part, is it to just keep rain out and ensure a water tight seal?
If so then I think I may be ok just keeping scotch tape around and taping it back up every time the tape comes off? I haven’t noticed any rain on the inside of my car.

Scotch tape is not going to hold anything to your vehicle like that . Go to a parts store and buy trim adhesive and see if that works. As far as I can tell even it those pieces fell off water would not get in your car.

More rain would run off the window into the door, and the door might fill up too fast to drain out.

These pieces also help reduce wind and road noise.

I’m not sure we are talking about the same thing. This is not the window wiper in the sill, but the trim piece underneath that. Nevada says it clips on but I would have thought it just glues on. Can’t tell either if it is actual chrome imbedded in the rubber or plastic. In either case, as they say if it offends thee, cut it off. Take an exacto knife and just carefully trim off the loose rubber and throw the 3M tape away. That’s for wrapping Christmas presents not car trim. Or just swing by the friendly body shop and let them do it. The car is 15 years old so it’s not going to be perfect.

I thought they were all the same thing. I’m glad I never had that problem on my GM, Ford, or Honda cars.

I’m also wondering if we are talking about the same thing. The thing I’m talking about appears to be it’s own part, just glued on. I have no idea but it does look like the right part though. It’s strange because yea it looks just like some 3m black tape product. I feel like I should be able to replace just the black piece only.

Well it looks like they might be available after-market and does look like there are clips instead of glue on. You can do a little searching with the part number but the descriptions and pictures just aren’t very good so again you might want to just see a body shop first to make sure you’re after the right part. But there were sets for around $40 (Summit Racing and others) if it is the right part.

If it were me and I didn’t want to spend the money, I’d just get a tube of Hondabond and glue the thing down… Or rip it off and re-make it with the Hondabond if the original part is too torn up.

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I got some photos off MY car, I think the part that is coming off my car is separate from the belt line molding and a different part? I’m not sure.

But I’m not sure what the name of my part is?