Removing/repositioning air deflector

I have a wind deflector on the hood of my car, attached by a sticky strip. Problem is, it’s crooked. How car I remove it and reposition it without harming the finish? Is there a solvent? Can I find more of the sticky strip?

You can find more of the stick strip at the parts store. You’ll also need a goo remover. I’m tempted to suggest Goo Gone, but I don’t know if that’s safe for car finishes. The parts store should have one formulated for car use.

WD40 works good for removing goo from a car, as well as for removing those pesky dealer stickers they put on. And the sticky strip can be found not only at your local parts store, but likely your local hardware store as well.

You may find that monofilament fishing line will work well to separate the parts. Wear gloves and wind one end of a length of 8-10lb mono around each hand. Stretch it tight and work it between the hood and deflector. A sawing motion helps to work it along the length. You may need to insert some spacers as you progress to stop it from re-adhering along the way. Once off, you can remove the old glue residue before applying the new, double backed sticky tape in the preferred position.

Thanks for good suggestions. I’ll let you know what works.

Get it fixed?

Not yet. Been traveling the last two weeks. Will get to try fixing it this week.