“Woo” noise when decelerating

Slowing down and when I hit around 25 mph I start hearing a “woo woo woo woo” noise until it stops around 10 mph. Almost like the three stooges noise.

2022 Kia Sorento

I have it on video if I can share that somehow.

Being your vehicle is still under warranty, bring it to the dealer. it won’t cost you anything.


Use your warranty .

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I’ve tried. So frustrating. Nobody can seem to diagnose it or figure out what’s wrong. I’m actually going a couple hours away to a dealer I trust because the local shop was extremely unhelpful.

I just uploaded a quick video to YouTube. Let me know if you’ve heard something similar. Thanks guys.

I hear something, but I would describe it as a hum or a roar, rather than a “woo-woo”.
Possible tire noise?

Rotate the tires to see if it changes. Oem tires can be hard and cheap for mpg. Then have a regular shop check wheel bearings. If you can Identify a fault you can go back to the dealer.

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My thinking as I read your post, some sort of tire noise. Inspect the tread on all four tires. See anything unusual? Cupping, uneven wearing, one side more than the other, slanting wear patterns? Make sure tires are properly inflated as well. If you are running the same tires the car came new, car companies don’t tend to put the best tires possible on their new cars, b/c folks who buy new cars are buying the car, not the tires, so they aren’t able to increase the car’s price enough to compensate for the added expense of premium tires.

Besides tires, could be the brakes too. Does sound change with a different application of brake pedal?

Tires only had 6k on them when the noise started. Same noise now that it’s at 17k. Will look for tread issues or cupping. I don’t think it’s the brakes because the noise comes without hitting the brakes and actually is non existent when the brakes are applied. But will def look strongly at tires.

If the sound goes away when the brakes are applied the ‘squealers’ may be making the sound. They are designed to touch the rotors when the pads wear. Worth checking

That sort of problem sometimes causes weird sounds when making turns at a slow speed.