Honda CR-V 2018 noise

Help, please. My 2018 honda cr-v has been making noise in the left front wheel. Noise occurs only whan car is moving. My trusted mechanic took wheel off and found nothing to cause this. I hesitate to take it to dealer as warranty expired at 36,000 miles & I have 40k. So should I go to dealer or transmission specialist (it is shifting well) Drive train warranty is 60,000 miles. thank you!!!

Describe the noise in more detail: when turning? braking? speeding up? what affects it?

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The noise is as though something is rubbing or loose in the wheel. Noise not related to using gas pedal. Noise occurs even when coasting, and even if going in reverse. It seems to coincide with revolution of tire. I can’t hear it at higher speeds, possibly because of road noise. I have a 7 hour drive coming up and I don’t know if it’s safe, and where to get it repaired. My mechanic said it is beyond his reach. Thank you for helping!

I think this is your clue that you need to seek a better mechanic.
From afar, I doubt if this is a transmission problem, but if it is, having anyone other than the dealership deal with this issue could possibly jeopardize your Powertrain Warranty coverage.

Unless you can find a highly-regarded mechanic in your area, you might not any choice but to have the dealership diagnose the problem.

Agreed on taking it to the dealer and finding another mechanic in the meantime.

Is there a nail or rock on the tire, perhaps? That would only show up when the vehicle is in motion.

The way that you described the noise (rubbing… loose) it doesn’t sound like a case of something lodged in the tire.

Many years ago, with a rental car (one of those awful Ford Tempos) I encountered a screeching noise emanating from the area of the right front wheel. When I was finally able to get underneath to take a look, it turned out that a fairly large rock had gotten wedged between a drive axle and one of the front-end components. Something like that should be pretty obvious to a mechanic, but this is just something to consider.

Another possibility - dirt/pebble/whatever stuck in a brake pad.

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Stone caught between dust shield and rotor?


Does the car feel any slower when creeping?

Good question - - so I checked it out. No. It does not feel slower. thanks anyway

That’s possible. How would that be determined? By removing the wheel?

Very possible. We had our roads redone with shot and chip (much to our dismay). Our neighbor had stone caught in brake pad of his motorcycle.

First remove the wheel then with a light see if you can locate an object caught between rotor and dust shield. If you see it, try and fish it out with a coat hanger with a hooked end. You may have to remove the caliper to gain access. This allows you to inspect the brake pads also.

Thank you! I’m just trying to avoid the dealer. That sounds like something my mechanic can do

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The problem is, this is something a competent mechanic already would have done. I’d be looking for a new/better mechanic.

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