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My wonderful car Tully

is making a knocking noise everytime i turn right is it my axle or could it have something to do with my brakes needing changed?

An axle would be more of a click-a-click-a-click… When they get very bad it goes more like crunch-a-crunch-a-crunch… A knock is more likley to be a bad swaybar link, or bushing in the strut mount…


Naw, I’ve heard axles go knock knock. Especially if the inside joint is bad.

Penny, these and other possibilities can all be checked out by any competant shop up on a lift. All we can do from here is guess…and argue with one another. We’re experts at both. You need a reputable basic shop to take a look-see.

“and argue with one another. We’re experts at both”

No were not :wink:

Yes we ARE! :slight_smile:

PostScript: thanks for the chuckle.