Front end knock when turning,sometimes on bumps too

I have a 2012 Chevy Cruze with recently replaced passenger side cv axle,subframe,control arm,etc. due to an accident 2 months ago(I have a full list of parts but can’t find it right now).

I think I got it back two weeks ago and everything was fine with it until about 4 days ago when I started hearing a single loud knock every time I turn in either direction and sometimes when going over bumps as well.It will only knock once during a turn in either direction and the knock seems to occur with the same steering wheel position each time,Example:If I’m turning right and hear the knock then turn the steering wheel left an inch,if I turn the wheel right an inch to the same position as before it will knock again).It occurs at any speed from parking lot to highway speed.I also noted that a few hours after the knock started appearing that my front end was very creaky when turning although that wasn’t present when it was knocking earlier that day and hasn’t been present since the end of that day.I took it by the repair shop that worked on it before and while they could hear it when driving around the parking lot ,when they put it on a lift and turned the wheel back and forth they didn’t hear a thing.Anyone have an idea of what to look for?

Stabilizer bar link and strut mount are 2 known noisemakers. The stab bar link is easy and cheap to replace so even if you don’t see any movement, replace it and eliminate the possibility. Stabilizer bushings can also be an issue that causes this.


The suspension system probably has to be loaded to hear the noise, wheels on the ground in other words. Usually a shop would apply various prying devices to the suspension and steering system with this complaint. Looking for a something w/too much play. That’s the standard debugging method if nothing visually obvious is seen. Has that been done? Do you hear this noise w/the car parked and someone pressing down on each corner one at a time?

Try lubricating the steering intermediate shaft also.