Chevy Cavalier 2000

This car makes a knocking sound (it sounds like from the right rear) at random times. Anyone have any clue what that could be?

Loose or failed shock absorber?

Thanks very much. I’ll ask about that.

I’ll bet on a dried up bushing.

In truth, what you need to do is tell the shop the symptom(s) and let them look at it. This can only be diagnosed in that manner. Too many people tell the shop “change XXX” and then wonder why the car isn’t fixed when XXX was never the problem to begin with.

I suspect NYBo was being trite.

it could be:

the shocks, the rear axle rubber bushings on the sway bar, i believe there is an equalizer bushing on the centerline of the axle on your car too, the rubber bumper cover flapping in the wind, the spare tire could be loose in the wheel well, the jack/handle/crank could be loose in the wheel well (or wherever they are stored in your car)

it could be LOTS of things. but you need to look around to sort of minimize the possibilities.

it’s sorta hard to decipher over the 'net with the description given.

Trite? Moi? No, just replying with what I’ve experienced with some of my own vehicles with the same symptom. But a bad swaybar or other bushing could certainly account for it also.