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Toyota Highlander knocking noise

I have a 2003 Toyota Highlander that suddenly started making a knocking noise in the rear passenger side of the car. It sounds like it coming from the wheel well. Could this be an axle problem?

I do not know your mileage, but It would be hard for anyone to guess, time for for someone to look and see.

The first thing to do is to check the lug nuts on rear passenger side tire. If those lug nuts–and all of the others on the car–are properly tighted, then there could be a problem with the suspension, the exhaust system, or even the axle (although an axle problem is not likely).

You need to have a competent mechanic put the car up on a chassis lift for an inspection in order to determine what is really going on.

I also have the same problem and it only knocks when I back up. It’s coming from the passenger rear of the vehicle. Can you let me know what you think it is. My mileage is 102,254.

It is one hard object hitting another hard object. Since the rear of your undercarriage contains numerous hard objects, it’s impossible to say which it is unless one is under the vehicle.

However, a bad antisway bar bushing would not be unusual. It’s a common knocker.

If the vehicle AWD it could be one of the rear joints or axles failing.

Get it checked out. Everything here is pure guess, good luck.

I don’t know about the Highlander, but a lot of vehicles have the jack & lug wrench stored in that very area. It yours is there it wouldn’t take but a minute to make sure that stuff isn’t bouncing around.