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My windshield wipers have a mind of their own

Ok, so I have replaced the switch on my windshield wipers brought the car into the shop on several occasions and no one can figure out what is going on. Right now they are gerryrigged to bypass the breaker so they can at least work. At first they stopped working, they blew the fuse, to make a long story longer, the fuse would blow after every third time the car engine started. So the mechanic gerry rigged the fuse, the alternating wiping wouldn’t work anymore, but at least the wipers worked, which in Oregon is a huge issue. Then last week, the wipers would spontaneously every 9 seconds move from resting position to 1/4 of the way up the windshield. That spontaneously stopped after about a week, now when I turn the wipers on they won’t stop. HELP! Any ideas??

I think you need to take the Odyssey to a shop that specialiazes in electrical problems. I am not familiar with the electrical system on Hondas. On some cars,the wiper switch completes the circuit to the ground (body) of the car. The problem may be in the wiring leading to the switch.

The reason that your wipers are doing this is because of a failure of the electronics located within the Wiper motor Gearbox housing…this is the part of the wiper that you can see on the firewall…or it may be hiding under a plastic cover at the base of your windshield… They are known to fail from time to time… In fact this is the ONE AND ONLY…SINGLE Failure I have had with my girls 98 Honda Civic… In 12 Years not one single other item had failed on that vehicle.

My symptoms were if I turned on my intermittent wipers they would turn on and then stop in the middle of the windshield…then they would wipe down…and stop then up in the middle and stop… The constant speed low and high worked fine but the intermittent was the issue. I swapped out the Wiper motor/Gearbox/Electronics Assy…and never looked back…worked like a Charm. Hope this help. I’d bet good money that you need the same thing. Its a cheap and easy repair to do…took me about an hour and cost $48 bucks…Probably cost you 90-100 though. I get my parts wholesale