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1998 Honda Civic - Windshield Wiper Problem

My windshield wipers are acting strange, but no one can figure out why. If I run them at intermittent speed they only go about half way, then stop. When it goes to run again, it again only goes about half way. I can hear the motor run, I hear a click when they start to go again. When they are not running at intermittent speed they go normally, but when you turn them off, they stop where ever they are on the windshield as opposed to running until they hit the bottom of the windshield, then stop. We have had the car in the shop and they can’t figure it out. We have checked the fuses and they are fine. I need some guidance as to where to look next before I go back to the dealer. I want to try to tell them exactly where to look. All help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Since there are several things that can cause this malfunction like bad wiper motor, bad motor control, wiring and the wiper switch I would suggest taking the vehicle to a good independent mechanic to isolate the problem. There is no need to take the car to a dealer especially if they could not find the fault the first time. Wiper systems are generally easy to repair.