Honda Civic windshield wiper problem

I have a 2007 Honda Civic with about 36,000 miles. My windshield wipers have developed an odd problem. They do not turn off right away when turned to the off position but instead wipe 10-15 more times and then stop in a random position on the windshield. They do the same thing in the mist position - they wipe more times than they should and then stop randomly. They also do not work in the intermittant position but instead wipe at the same rate as in the low position. When they have stopped in a random position on the windshield and the wiper control is in the off position, if the car is turned off and then turned on again sometimes they will begin wiping again when the car is turned on, then they will stop randomly after a short session of wiping. Sometimes though when the power comes on again and they are in the off position they will just return to the normal off position and then they will operate normally for a while. they seem to operate normally in the low and high wiper position.

I took the car into the dealer, but this is an intermittant problem and the wipers were working when I went in. They will switch between working normally and the problems described above seemingly at random. I am having trouble getting the problem diagnosed because there is no way of knowing if they will be mis-behaving when they go in. I would appreciate hearing from anyone who has had this problem or has any idea of what might be going on.

Since you are probably still under warranty you should keep all the receipts from the dealer, as well as a diary of what’s happening. Just make notes each time it messes up and show those to the dealer. This is a problem in the electronics that control the intermittent sequencing and the parking circuitry, and it’s probably a component that needs replacing.

We have a 2006 Honda Civic with the same identical problem as this person with the 2007 Honda. Wipers stop whenever and wherever they choose. If you start on intermitent, they will switch to constant, or vice versa. stop in the middle of the windshield or wherever. I’ve had it in the best AutoElectric shop in the city for 2 weeks now, and no answer. I’ll have to sell the car to pay for it. They thought they had it fixed once for about half hour and took it for test ride, at which time it failed again. They have replaced and test every component in the wiper system. I have not taken it to the dealer. This shop has been the BEST for 30 yrs and no answers.
Regards… Lyle in Oregon

I have the same problem with a 2006 Honda Civic. It is also intermittent and couldn’t be diagnosed at the dealer. It seems to happen more in the winter. At this point I’m willing to pay for a new part if they can just tell me what controls it. It is super annoying when your wipers won’t stop on a dry windshield or stop across your field of vision.