I have a 99 Toyota Camry. About a year ago, the driver side power windows became inoperative. Then, about 8 months ago, the interior light, clock, power door locks became inoperative. However, the rear driver side window started working intermittently. Sometimes the clock glows ‘1:00’ dimly, but I cannot correct the time. Yeah, I know it is right twice a day. Let’s see … oh yeah, the power door locks work in conjunction with the motor running - won’t lock.

Are these things controlled by a different computer than the one controlling drive train functions? If so, can it be reset? I have tried disconnecting the battery and let sit overnight. No help. Is there something I can do short of taking it to the Toyota dealer? Thank you.

I’ll bet lunch that the wiring harness is suffering from split insulation or erosion where it goes from the car’s body into the door. The harness goes through orafices in the sheetmetal and flexes there and they can suffer damage from flexing and chafing. Once those wires begin to short to ground all sort of weird thing scan happen. Usually the first symptoms are…you guessed it…power windows and power door locks failing.

You…or someone…will nee dto remove the door panel, break open the wiring harness, and begin doing continuity testing and splicing. Warning: shops hate this work. It’s a pain.

thanks, mb. I suspect you are right. I took the door panel off when the problem started - mechanic told me I needed a master switch. The wiring harness to the master switch was tighter than a banjo string, not enough play to turn the master switch over in order to disconnec it. I was afraid to pull really hard on it. I guess I am stuck. Thanks for the response.