My new car has Vehicle Sentry Protection. Is this worth having?

I looked it up and it is supposed to be a permanent traceable ID Code etched in each major window of the vehicle, which would be my newly purchased 2012 Chevrolet Malibu which they charged me $299 for the Vehicle Sentry Protection. I looked on the windows and could not see any etchings, the vehicle was inside my garage but I would have thought there was enough light that they would be visible which I may be wrong. The Vehicle Sentry Protection Registration Form says it may be cancelled within 30 days if I notify Vehicle Sentry Protection but apparently they refund the money to the dealer and the dealer refunds the money to me which would probably take forever.

Is this just another dealer scheme to make more profit or does it really deter theft? I would have thought they would have provided a highly visible sticker to place in the window to deter thieves but none was provided.

It doesn’t deter theft. What it supposedly does is enable you to positively identify your car if a thief steals it, changes the license plate, and replaces the VIN on the dashboard. Where I have a problem with the concept is that there are several locations on a car that a VIN is stamped, including the engine, and other, hidden, areas. If the thief replaces the 2 or 3 he can see, he’s still missing a few. If he knows enough to look for the hidden ones, then he also knows enough to know about the glass etching. This is a redundant system in case the VIN system doesn’t work, which in all likelihood is not going to happen, and if it does, the glass etching will probably be defeated as well.

My other problem is that, unless it’s some stupid punk kid looking for a joyride (in which case he won’t be replacing your VIN or license plate), they’re going to take the car to a chop shop and take it apart. Glass etching isn’t going to catch the thief who parts out the car, because usually they don’t bother with the glass.

For $299…MAYBE. They really aren’t a deterrent. But $299 isn’t much money.

Seems like a waste of money to me. I can’t see a new Malibu being high on the list of cars most stolen. If it is stolen and never seen again the insurance will pay off on it and if it does surface after a theft the ID of that car will be made by the VIN.

Someone who is brazen enough to steal your car is not going to be deterred for one second by glass etching, even if there’s a sticker on there half the size of the glass.

you just gave the dealership $300 extra profit on your vehicle

If they were asking me for $1.50, I would go for it. At the noted price, I would take my chances, That $300 is likely to save you nothing.

I remember AAA was doing these free in their fairs. Not sure if they are still doing it. As mentioned, if someone wanted your car, they will take it.

Get your money back ASAP.

Seems pointless. Your money would be better spent on Lojack if you think your car is likely to be stolen.

Went to dealer and verified that the glass etching had not been done and they apologized and committed to having a refund check for me to pick up on Thursday. No hassles so far and only took a few minutes.