New car

I just bought a new car…what are your thoughts on perma plate (paint and fabric protection) and extended warranties are a rip off right?


I agree, no value to the paint fabric, compared to what they should cost, and extended warranties are way overpriced.

Right. Perma plate is nothing more than Car Wax and Scotch Guard. You can apply them yourself for about $10.

Extended warranties are mostly about profit for the seller and offer little real protection for the buyer. Save your money.

thanks folks, now the scotch guard

Buy a can of Scotch Guard and do the interior yourself. A Bissell Green Machine works wonders on a car’s interior. The interior of my wife’s 98 Windstar was as good as new when it was sold in 2006. About twice a year I would use to Green Machine to shampoo the seats, carpets, and floor mats. Our daughter were 1 and 4 when we bought the van, so accidents did happen.

Ed B.

I’ve also had great results from using the Green Machine on my cars.

It’s a ripoff. I’ve discovered a magical coating for under $10 that I apply after taking delivery of the car that seals the finish and keeps the car looking great for many, many years with an occasional reapplication. To find out what this miracle coating is, scroll below

Car wax. Any brand.

When my kids were young I scothgarded my minivan interior. then my son left a giant box of crayons on the seat in the hot sun. We returned to a cardboard crayola box with hollow paper tubes sitting in a pool of melted crayon wax…which, of course, had permeated the material.

Scotchgard the interior. And avoid crayons.

Yep !

thanks folks…an I bought indoor/outdoor carpet for $12 and cut pieces to the size…same color as the car carpet…looks great…and cheap enough to replace in a few years…

now to pay off the car…he he

Please Tell. What Kind Of New Car Did You Get?


jetta diesel sportwagon…i am planning to go biodiesel at some point…
so far its great on gas/ 37mpg in town driving

Good For You! Thanks For Letting Us Know. Enjoy That New Volkswagen!