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Dupont paint protection

how do i confirm the protection(new car) was applied? absent any documentation or sticker that i could find.thank you,larry

I know of no way to check it.

You should wash and wax your car routinely anyway. When asked up-front I usually recommend against getting this option, but since you already have it just relax and enjoy your new car.

Happy motoring.

i didn’T go into details on my original post.illegal business practices resulted in me receiving a nice check from the dealer after they were visited by local authorities.a thoroughly rogue operation(dealer) now,i was charged for the unwanted seal and some other stuff.if my car doesn’t have the seal,a crime might have been commited.any suggestions for confirming the seal?larry

I’m sorry to hear what happened. There’s really no way to verify its appliaction short of sophisticated (and expensive) lab analysis of the surface materials. Gas chromatology of the surface materials would present a spectral scan the peaks of which would identify whether it was applied, but that would cost you more than you paid for the treatment.

It’s just wax. There’s no way I know of to verify whether it’s there or not. I’d forget it if I were you.

Why did you agree to pay for things you didn’t want? You could have said, “I didn’t want that and I’m not paying for it.”

“mcparadice” is right. The hype about a car finish is just that. The actual durability of the paint and any add ons that are suppose to help are all BS. You can buy better grade paint in almost any hardware store, and more so in a marine store. Examples of marine grade enamel would put a car’s paint finish to shame for long term durability and scratch resistance It’s the application process that you can’t duplicate on your own that makes you think it’s anything more than one of the cheaper components of a car’s manufacturing. Paint protection is another example of that fallacy. Don’t bother checking…they stole your money if it’s there of not.