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My jeep sucks

I have a 1995 jeep grand cheroke lerado v8. I replaced all the filters and the fuel filter. I added jet cleaner and seafoam. With all that the car will stay in idle on ignition untill the vehicle warms up. What do you think the problem is and how do I solve it.



sioux falls, sd

You did some maintenance, and now there’s something wrong with the warm idle?

Do you mean it doesn’t kick into a fast idle when first started??

This Is Like “Charades”, Chris Kid.

“Sounds Like:”

“Your Jeep was stalling right after it warmed up when you’d start it and let it idle.”

“You thought that all new filters, including fuel filter, Jet Cleaner (hey, if it works on jets . . .), and Seafoam would fix whatever ailed it.”

“It didn’t fix anything. The %#@* Thing still stalls when it warms up !”

“Did I Guess it ?”

Being a 1995, you don’t have an OBD 2 socket, but with the engine off, try turning the ignition key :

from “off” to the “on” position (not start),
then to “off”,
then to “on”,
then to "off,
and then to “on” (the third “on”) and leave it there.

Do this “key dance” within 5 seconds and get ready to count how many times the “Check engine” light blinks. It will send out a code or codes if it’s got any stored. The codes are 2 digit numbers.

blink, pause, blink, blink, pause . . . blink, blink, blink, pause, blink, blink, blink, would be two codes - code 12 and code 33. The codes may repeat after the first time through. You may have to try this over to catch it.

See if you can do that and post the codes here and we’ll see if it helps with anything.
Is the “check engine” light on at this time?

No it kicks into fast idle but then it idles doen and shuts off