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2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee Stalling Out

2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 4WD, 6 cylinder

car is in Tallahassee, florida and when the temperature is warm outside in the spring and summer and the car has been driven for awhile and is stopped (like for shopping) and you try to start it again, it will not start. However if you wait for awhile like 20-45 minutes the car will start but will rough idle for a little while and then it will smooth out and go ok. This appears to be random and does not happen in the fall and winter months.

Its often really hard for people to know where to start without knowing really basic information about the car. This would include things like the mileage on the vehicle and its maintenance history (e.g. age of plugs, wire, filters, etc. Any other issues/work that’s been done).

That said, I’d be looking at a fuel issue first. Either the check valve in your fuel pump is having difficulty. (This can’t be that odd as a warm/hot issue only because I’m driving a car with that kind of problem.) Or something like a fuel injector or fuel pressure regulator is leaking fuel into the engine while the car sits.

If you want to investigate yourself, you can figure something out about the former by turning the key to run (to where the dash lights up but not to where it cranks), wait a couple of seconds, turn it back off, back on, back off…about 6-7 times. Then crank it. If it fires right up then your fix is likely a new fuel pump.

For the latter, just floor the accelerator steady while you turn the key. If that works then your fuel pressure regulator & injectors need to be checked for leaking.