2003 jeep grand cherokee

studders,jerks&almost stalls at low speeds while warming up & sometimes at hyway speeds when warm

You need to provide info on maintenance - plugs, wires, air & fuel filters at the very least.

If the check engine light is on, take it to an auto parts store and ask them to read the codes. Then post them here - actual codes, like P0123

If you turn the key on/off 3 times with out starting the car you should see a code come up in the odometer, if no code it will say “done”. Write the code/codes down then go to www.wjjeeps.com and look them up. Then you will have a better idea what is wrong.

Or get someone with the scan tool to check the OBD codes for you.

Also you did not say what engine you have. 4.0, 4.7 or 4.7HO.

thank you cigroller &vicpick58 4.0 motor no check engine lite key thing yeilds a done. new plugs,wires & air filter because of intermittant nature of problem hav’nt changed fuel filter yet. mileage 52k

Change that fuel filter before you go on to worrying about anything else.

Also clean your mass airflow (MAF) sensor.

See what happens after that.