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Jeep grand cherokee 96 zj 4ltr auto idle problem when cold

Recently replaced crank p.S. that a dodgy mechanic installed app 5 myths ago seems he used after market Chinese shit instead of ome gear well one thing leads to another as all jeepers know with highway speed engine missing when engine warms up l found that instead of running power cable from sensor above the trans fluid tube , in his wisdom ran under said tube causing a short to the computer not realy the best for them , now l have issues with idle ,02 , tps, possible computer. My suggestion to others get qualified people who know what they’re doing and use genuine parts . cheers frenzy

You’re going to have to rewrite that post if you want good help with it. You used to have a miss at highway speeds and a new CkPS was installed? But then you found a wiring problem for the CkPS? Were there codes at that time?

But after having a miss under load, you now have rough running at idle instead? Was that immediate? Or did it come up later? You apparently also have a check engine light with associated error codes? If so, what are the exact codes?

Regardless of whatever your description of the problem and its evolution is really supposed to say you would also need to say more about the basics on the vehicle. Mileage? Maintenance? (plugs, wires, filters, etc).

In any case, no one else is inside of your head. Lay it out. Use sentences.