1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee won't stay running

I own a 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo V8, and there has been an ongoing problem with it stalling. The check engine light is on and it reads codes about idle control sensor and 02 sensor. I spent a lot of money having both replaced, along with an processor. I had to bring my Jeep to a dealership so they could “marry” the processor to the car. The check engine light went out for about a day, then once the computer reset, light went back on. The codes still read bad O2 and idle sensor despite them being replaced.

The problem is when the car starts cold I have to keep my foot on the gas for a couple minutes or it will stall out. Once it has warmed up the car runs good. I turned the idle pin on the front of the throttle body to try to keep from having to put my foot on the gas but it still stalls. It seems like it is working better in the cold weather. My mechanic says that I may have turned the idle too far trying to fix it and that is why it is stalling.

I just want my car to run without having to warm it up every time. It wastes time and a lot of gas. Could it be something other then what I’ve already replaced? I don’t want to keep replacing the same things and not have it fix the problem.

It sounds like the shop owes you some repair time since replacing the items didn’t fix anything yet I’m sure they charged you a good amount for the work done. I guess you can’t call it repairs since they didn’t fix it. There may be a problem with the wiring to those areas. It would help if we knew what the error codes were. You might try having the egr valve cleaned.

Well if your Idle control valve is not working it would do EXACTLY whats happening to you… Why isnt anyone looking into the Idle control valve first and foremost? Im not sure what else to say except the vehicle is telling you what you need to know… Sounds like the shop you are going to doesn’t believe the engine codes or something. The Idle control valve does quite a bit to make your engine livable it needs to be working…and its not a sensor…its a complex control valve, gotta get that looked at and a prognosis made asap.