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My honda's transmission

2002 Honda Accord V6 230,000+ miles----The engine is good (well good for having been driven over 230,00miles) a/c is cold, interior is good, exterior is good. Transmission, not so good. Big question is do I (well, not me personally)put in a re-built trans. and keep driving or buy a newer car. This is one of three cars I own, but it gets driven a lot

I’d likely fix the trans, but you didn’t say how much the rebuilt would cost? Shop for prices but don’t ignore the quality and reputation of the shop and the guarantee on the rebuilt tranny.

The Transmission Is Bad. " ----The engine is good (well good for having been driven over 230,00miles) " Does Not Sound Like A Glowing Endorsement (You Didn’t Say "Engine Is Perfect, For Example). You’ve Got 3 Cars.

Explain why this one gets driven a lot (more than the others ?). This could be the time to sell this car while it’s still operating. Putting money into a high miles car is risky. You may not have it long enough to get a return on the expense.


At 230K I wouldn’t spend the money for a new, or rebuilt, transmission. Take whatever you can get for it and move on.

what are your other 2 vehicles and why aren’t they driven as much? Who else, besides you, drives the other vehicles?

Its a personal choice but I would have been better off junking my car with 300K instead of doing the transmission. It was all down hill for the next 200K.

Driven by a 23 yr old boy to work and back. 300 miles per week.approx. I have 2010 accord, 96 jeep Cherokee, 2002 isuzu trooper…oh, that’s 4. I think I’m going to gamble engine runs good. Timing chain was just changed 30,000 miles ago. I’m fixing it. Can always sell it later.

UncleTurbo Is Today’s Winner. Congratulations Unc !


I’d just replace the car with a 2002 4 cyl Accord. Problably costs less than the tranny for the V6.

have you priced used cars lately?

My old 99 Civic was valued at about $5000 when my neighbor had to file a claim on his insurance for hail damage on it a few months ago