Honda Accord Transmission

 I took my 2000 Honda Accord to the mechanic and he told me my transmission is failing. He suggested that I put in a re-built transmission. I trust my mechanic, but considering the car has 207,000 miles on it I am not sure if it is a wise investment. Besides the jerking the car is in good condition and have taken it to the same mechanic for maintenance since I bought it 14 years ago, but I am not sure how long a re-built transmission will last. I only need to get 2-3 more years out of this car until I save up enough money to buy a new car. please help.



What is the question?

Rebuilt trans versus new trans?

Do nothing and hope for the best?

No, it’s not worth it for a car with 207k. It’s going to cost $1500-1800. That money is better spent toward another car.

Why is someone disagreeing with me?

I asked OP to clarify what their EXACT question was.

A properly rebuilt Honda auto transmission should last for 120-150K miles is maintained over its life. There are some shoddy rebuilts on the market, but most good shops know where to get a good rebuilt transmission. You didn’t mention the cost of the job. So, the question about whether the repair is worth it or not can’t be answered.

A good rebuilt tranny will last you a couple of years no problem. The current transmission likely will go on for a few more months, but getting 2 more years out it isn’t going to happen. I see your options as fixing this car and driving it 3 to 5 more years, or buy the new car now.

We own a 2001 Odyssey, the same vintage as that Accord with the same transmission problems. Our Odyssey is on its fourth transmission. Two of those were rebuilt, each lasting fewer than 30k. Finally, Honda dropped a brand new transmission and it’s been happy sailing since.

So I’m not a fan of Honda rebuilt transmissions.

I spent $2000 on my son’s 99 Accord for a new clutch and front sub-frame. With 200,000 miles it was a bit of a gamble but, like your car, I knew it was well maintained and in otherwise good condition. That was in October of last year. It has been running like a champ since then with no problems. At this age and mileage it is always a bit of a crap shoot to make a big dollar repair since you cannot predict if another big dollar repair is going to follow right after.

A new clutch is certainly not the same as a different auto trans. Yes it is spent money but many here have issues with any type of rebuilt Honda trans. There is a reason NEW Honda trans work great. They have ZERO worn parts.

@Cavell - I wasn’t trying to equate a new clutch to an automatic transmission replacement. I was simply saying that putting a large chunk of money into an old, high mileage car is a gamble. The conventional wisdom is to junk the car in situations like this but, if you know your car well and it is in good condition, sometimes you take the plunge. But, like any gamble, don’t spend what you can’t afford to lose. My son got lucky and his car works great. Others have spent the money on a new transmission on a 200,000 mile car and then have had an engine blow in the next three months. There is no way to know what will happen…