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2001 Honda Odyssey rear AC vents not working

I have a 2001 Honda Odyssey and no air blows out of the rear AC ceiling vents, however the AC does work and blows cold air out of the front dash vents.
I set the control (in the front) to have AC in the rear, but no air in the back. I do hear a click when I move the front controls from low to medium to high (blue dots).
Do you have any ideas what might be the issue?
Thanks, Hondadad

Does the rear blower motor run? It probably has one. If its not running then you need to find out why.

Where is the rear blower motor so I can check?

It won’t be easily accessible. Just listen carefully as you turn on the rear fan. If possible leave the front fan off. Chances are you’ve never noticed the sound of the rear fan - but it shouldn’t be too hard once you actually try to listen for it.

If its not running the next thing to do is check fuses. If you find a fuse blown now you have the fun of finding out why. If the fuses are good then you have to find out if the blower motor is getting power. You’ll probably need a repair manual for figuring out how to gain access and a test light or multimeter.

Do you mean the blower motor resistor when you say blower motor? Other blogs say that even if the blow motor resistor is bad the fan should work on high. But I get no air even when the fan is set on high.

No - I mean the actual blower motor. In the front of the vehicle, probably under the dash is an electric motor that runs a fan. When you turn on heat or AC or anything, its that fan that blows the air through the vents. You can hear it turn on & speed up/slow down when you operate the controls.

On a dual system with separate rear, such as in a minivan, there’s a second fan in the rear for the rear vents. The resistor is just part of the controls for the fan speed. Yes, if you had a bad resistor the fan would still work on high. If the fan won’t work on any speed, then either the fan motor back there is dead or its not getting any power. So question 1 is very straightforward - is the fan actually running?

I don’t hear the rear motor running. Where is the rear blower motor? Is it on the right or left rear side? Is it back by the 3rd row seats near/behind the speakers? How do I access the rear blower motor?