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Front A/C not blowing, but rear is still blowing

My a/c stopped blowing from the front seats but the back seats still blow. My gut is saying that the blower motor has went out, because all my fuses that I’ve checked aren’t blown. It’s too hot for the blower to go out.

Turn the ignition switch on, set the blower speed to high, and look under the passenger side of the dash for the blower motor, and with the handle of a screwdriver rap on the blower motor.

If the blower motor starts working, the blower motor requires replacement.


And if it works on HIGH but none of the slower speeds, it’s the resistor.
Not a fuse, but the thingy that gives you slow, medium, and high fan speeds.
12v direct is high speed and resistors slow it down. A thermal breaker ( as opposed to a fuse ) is on that circuit board. When blown, allows high speed to work un-resisted.
What year Explorer ? Not in the fuse panel , the fan speed resistor is usually up under the dash bolted into the plenum near that fan motor.

No speeds work, I hear the hiss when I turn it on but nothing blows not even a little bit

The squirrel cage fan might be slipping on the blower motor shaft because something is jammed in the fan.

But in order to check for that, the fan/blower motor needs to be removed.