My front blinkers don't work

I have a 1993 eagle vision, I don’t know if that matters or not. Anyway, whenever I turn on the blinkers, both front ones don’t blink but the back ones do and they blink really fast. The flashers blink regular speed though but still the front ones don’t work. Anybody got an idea for me? I have never encountered any blinker problems…

“Blinkers?” Are you referring to the turn signals?

I think your front turn signal (blinker) bulbs are worn out. Replace the front turn signal bulbs.

Burned out turn signal bulbs make the working bulbs flash (blink) faster.

Stop calling them “blinkers.”

Burnt out lights don’t turn on right? If you are refering to the lights that light up behind the yellow lens, they do turn on. So do you mean different lights or am I missing something?

and excuse me, "turn signals"
and for the record turn signals was one of my tags.

This all started after a rearend accident I was in so broken things are probably right but I’m just saying that the lights turn on so how could they be burnt out? ya know?

“Burnt out lights don’t turn on right?”

Most front turn signal lamps are duel lamps, having one filament for the parking light and one brighter one for the turn signals. You have lamps with the turn signal filament out.