My fancy VW key needs a new battery...and I have no idea how to open the thing!



Anybody out there changed the battery in their VW remote access key successfully, or is this only something the dealer can do and overcharge me for? The last time I did it, it cost me $25 and two hours of my time. One of my fancy keys broke a spring and they told me it would be $60 to replace it. Incredible! These guys must have had quite a boat payment to make.


If this is something that is considered to be “do-able” by someone other than a skilled technician, the instructions should be provided in the Owner’s Manual. Have you checked in that booklet to see if instructions are provided?

If the procedure is not listed in the manual, then I suspect that VWOA thinks that the task is too complex for the average individual, or that they are trying to provide a better revenue stream for the dealerships.

(VDCdriver–logged out again!!!)


Follow this link. It should give you the instructions

Nice photos and text.


Good info JEM. Thanks


Not me. I acted rich and had the dealer change it on both fobs for around $10.oo. At the three year old car birthday.


Thank you very much! You saved a college student some cash. Very grateful. :slight_smile: