Jetta Keyless Entry

I have a 1999 Jetta, and just recently my keyless entry remote has stopped working. It won’t unlock or lock the doors. I can still get inside, but because the alarm goes off and the ignition is on lockdown, the car won’t start. ps. I already replaced the battery.

I already replaced the battery.

Was that the battery in the key that was replaced?

Is that your only key? I believe the car came with three, two regular keys and one valet key.

I suspect that now that you don’t have a backup key, you will have to pay the dealer or a locksmith with VW equipment to take care of the problem.

Yeah i fixed it already, thanks anyway though. i bought it used some five years ago and only received one key. So I took the terminals off the battery and held them together for a minute and reset the computer. now the signal from the remote to the car is being picked up and i don’t have to worry about the alarm or ignition lockdowns.

How did you get the idea to hold the battery cables together like this?