My car won't turn off!

2001 Blazer. When I put the car in park and turn the key off, the car keeps running - even if I take the key all the way out. However, I can’t get out of park (like I would be able to if the car were REALLY on). Only when I take my foot off the brake will the car turn off.

Does anyone have any idea what might cause this?

Replace the brake light switch, which is under the dashboard.

You have multiple problems, and multiple posts. Can you simplify?

If you saw my previous post, you can see that within the span of about an hour, several things went haywire with my car. I feel like they all must be related since they all occurred at the same time, but I thought that maybe addressing them individually on the forum might get more productive responses. Please feel free to respond to my other issues too. Maybe the brake light switch will solve the car not turning off AND the brake lights being on all the time. That’s a good start and something I’m thinking I can do myself. I realize I probably HAVE to put myself at the dealer’s mercy in dealing with the Service Engine Soon light since I don’t have the diagnostic computer, but I try to avoid the dealer money pit as often as possible. Thanks for your reponse! Off to find out how to change that brake light switch.

Please check my reply to this trouble in your other post. Here is the link to it.