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Solution for brake light on after car is off

One of my cars had this problem where brake lights would stay on while driving and when car was off and key was out. Of course it would drain my battery.

Initially, I would disconnect battery at night and hook up when driving. Then I tried putting penny and that worked for a while so I knew it was not brake light switch. Finally I found a picture of what the brake pedal and everything around it looks like. Online people recommended using nuts and bolts. Honestly time consuming. I finally found this solution and I hope this helps anyone out there having this problem.

The part is called brake light stopper (usually plastic) and it goes in hole behind brake pedal at top of brake pedal arm. When pedal is pushed down you should see the hole if part is missing or the plastic in if everything is ok. Part maybe be broken also…sometimes you may see pieces of plastic on the car floor. The part stops contact after you are off pedal so light stays off. Go to you dealer and ask for the stopper. It cost me $4.26 (I have honda accord 2002) and took 2 minutes to put in…lifesaver!!! I didn’t find it online at auto parts store but once I asked dealer…$4…can’t beat…One thing…when inserting you will save time and aggravation if you use the flat top side of stopper to push the button in first before inserting the pointy end into the hole.

hope this helps someone!!