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2001 Blazer Electronic problems

I have a 2001 Blazer 4x4 that is sprouting problems faster than I can fix them. Today, when I turned on the right blinker, I got a quick buzz from under the passenger dash, then the blinker blinked too fast. The next few times I tried the blinker, it would buzz and stay on but not blink. If I turned the blinker off then on again, it would blink. But soon after that, when I turned it on, it would just stay on. It will go off when I turn it off, and go on when I turn it on, but it won’t blink. The left blinker works fine. Hazards work fine.

Also today, the brake lights are staying on all the time, including the high mount. They go off when the car is off, but are always on when the car is on.

Also today, a third (maybe related) problem appeared. When I turn the car off and remove the key, it continues to run until I take my foot off the brake.

The only remedy I’ve tried is to replace the turn switch relay which is located behind the glove compartment. That did not fix any of the above problems.

Oh, AND at the same time all this failed, the Service Engine Soon light came on and won’t go off.

Yesterday, I had my two front tires replaced. Please tell me that replacing tires couldn’t have affected the electronics like this, because that would be just too weird. But I wanted you to know everything I know.

Any ideas???

Hurry, the cash for clunkers program expires on Monday.

Don’t I wish?! It doesn’t qualify for the program, but even if it did, this has been an extremely reliable vehicle for over 8 years now, and I don’t want to trade it in for a monthly payment.

I have to think all these new problems are related. I’ve been seeing alot about a recall on the multifunction switch. Could this be the source of such problems?

There was a recall on the flasher that involved replacing the multifunction switch on my 2000 Blazer. The recall had been done by the previous owner so I had to replace the multifunction switch myself. You can search for recall from here. The recall for my Blazer had the GM instructions for replacing the switch. First spray some CRC Electrical Contact cleaner into the base of the turn signal stalk. That helped for a few days on my truck.

A bad multifunction switch could fix the turn signal problem, I can’t speak the other problems.

Ed B.

I saw your other post related to the car and for others interested in this here is the link to it.

Since you are having trouble with the ignition, blinkers, and brake circuits I suggest you check the steering column wiring for a problem. It sounds like there are some crossed wires. Your ignition isn’t cutting off like it should and the brake lights are getting power from something (most likely the ignition power) since you say the brake lights turn on with the ignition switch and the engine turns off when you release the brakes, after you have already turned the ignition off. It sounds to me that the ignition circuit after the ignition switch has crossed with the brake light circuit power after the brake switch. I suspect the brake switch itself is ok.

I’m not sure if the CEL light problem is related to this problem and don’t see how it could be at this point. You might think about purchasing a code reader or scanner since the basic ones are fairly inexpensive. Places like Autozone will read the codes for you for free.

Thanks for the Autozone advice about the codes. Having the codes should help out. The steering column seems like a likely culprit, since this all started after getting the front end aligned. Don’t they adjust the steering wheel when doing an alignment? Or even just a tech getting in the car and tilting the steering wheel may have knocked something out of whack. You are right… the brake light switch is okay…replaced it this morning and it fixed nothing. Off to Autozone…

Bach away from connecting this to a alignment,steering wheels are not centered by removing them and moving their position (at least not the correct way)

Back off a"tech" or anyone causing this concern simply by using the tilt function (your Blazer has tilt?) This is a designed in function.

It is a interesting idea to think they could not center the wheel so they pulled it and messed up the wiring, a bit far fetched.

I don’t think the wheel alignment had anything to do with the trouble you are having. I also kind of doubt that the trouble codes will be related to the ignition problem but they might be somehow. Trouble codes are mainly related to emission systems and engine controls.

If you work on this yourself be careful to remember about the airbag system. If not handled properly it can be set off and setting it off can be dangerous.

Believe it or not, but back a few years ago I had a Chevy APV that the company had assigned to me and it would do that and more just about every 90 days. On every occasion that this happened, the alternator had to be replaced.

The alternators would put out enough power to keep the alternator lamp off, but that was about it.

Have that checked and see.