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Brake lights stay on

I have a 2000 300M Chrysler, every once and a while when I turn off the ignition my brake lights stay on. The only way around it is to disconnect the battery lead, let it cool down and the reconnect the lead.

The problem will most likely be solved by just doing an adjustment on the brake light switch which is normally mounted near the brake pedal. The switch button may need to move closer to the pedal. When this problem happens again try pulling the pedal back towards you and see if the lights turn off. That will confirm an adjustment is needed.

I did not see any adjustment on our windstar switch with the same problem, It was probably wrong but as the switch was a dealer parts only, and it worked in ways that are a mystery to mortal man. I shot it full of wd40, exercised it until they stopped it’s intermittent sticking on and called it a day for now.