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My car takes time to start

I have a 1991 Honda Accord. There are 211000 mile on it. I have a new pattery and new starter. My car taks time to start. some times it start from the third or the forth time. If I push on gas while I start it, I smell the gas. I have this car for about five years, and it runs greaat. I never change the gas filter on it. I already changed the sparks, but this does not solve the problem. A friend told me to change the Oxygen sencer, and the gas filter. I will be thankful if you give me your opinion. With all respect Fares Chicago, Il.

I myself would change the fuel filter first(because its in expensive). If that doesnt fix the problem, it might be that your fuel pump is over heating. It definitely sounds like a fuel delivery problem. Heck it might even have something to do with the carb or fuel inection system. You can always check your fuel pressure with a gauge from your local auto parts store.

If you smell gasoline, there’s either an external gasoline leak, or that is the gasoline which is passing, unburned, through the engine and out the exhaust tail pipe.
If it is gasoline coming through the exhaust pipe, the fuel/air is too rich, or the spark is too weak to fire it.
To get the most spark from the spark plugs, have a new distributor cap and rotor, and spark plug wires installed.
Too much gasoline going into the engine can be caused by fuel pressure too high, or the engine coolant temperature sensor indicating to the engine computer that the engine needs more fuel, when is doesn’t.
Honda’s need an adapter to test fuel pressure with a gauge. This adapter is available Online (Internet).