Turn the key and takes long to start

Hello everyone, I have a 2004 auto honda accord 4cyl. When I turn the key to turnon my car it takes a couple of seconds longer than it use to, to turn on. Sometimes it doesn’t start at all,until I stop and pump the gas brake. This seems to do the trick, the two or three times this happened. My guess is that the gas isn’t getting through as it should. Any ideas what might be wrong? Thanks

Once running, if you shut it off and instantly try to restart it does it start right up? If so, the following may apply.
It may be losing residual fuel pressure while at rest; either due to a faulty check valve in the fuel pump, leaking injector, or leaking fuel pressure regulator. Pumping the pedal is likely coincidental.

My suggestion would be to run a fuel pressure test on it and see if it holds pressure.

It could also be in need of spark plugs. Old plugs may not provide enough reliable spark at start up to let the engine catch and run.

I changed the spark plugs a couple months back and used premium plugs so I don’t think this is the problem. I’ll try the other suggestion

Try this experiment the next time the car has been sitting for a while. Turn the key to the on position, count to eight, and turn the key to the off position. Repeat this two times. Then try to start the car normally. If that fixes the problem, you’re probably losing fuel pressure when the car sits.

On another note, it’s best to stick with the identical OEM plugs. People sometimes have issues when switching to another type.

I had the same two thoughts already suggested, old spark plugs and loss of fuel line pressure.

However, since you changed the plugs a few months ago, I have to ask what plugs you used. If you used other than NGK or Nippon-Denso, the plugs may be your problem. While many believe that Champion plugs are “premium” plugs, in years long past (before I learned my lesson) I’ve had Champions begin to misfire after only a few months of use.

So, what type of plugs did you use? Were they OEM replacements?

YesI used NGK plugs. The problem with testing out these theories is that this problem is barely beginning and has only happened to me twice in the last 2 months. I think I might have to let it get worse…

In that case, lion9car’s technique may be the answer. That has worked for my 1999 Civic. The problem is worse when the tank is low on fuel, but the “key dance” has always worked for me.

If it doesn’t work for you, it could be a failing fuel pump relay or ignition switch.

Sir, i am using Chevrolet Spark car and facing same problems as above conversation. When i sit in car and turn on key it will take 3 to 4 turns to get start. i talked to my Auto consultant but according to his suggestion there is need to replace my car injector. give me a proper guidance.

Try the “key dance” referred to in the posts above. Please let us know your results. Good luck!