Car won't start after getting gas

I have a 99 Accord coupe with 65,000 miles on it. Lately, my car won’t start after I put gas in it. I put gas in, close up the hatch, and it won’t start for a good 15 minutes. My dad says it might be my fuel filter. Thoughts?

I don’t think it’s the filter. If the filter were the problem the car would be hard to start all the time. I think the problem is in the fuel vapor recovery system. When you get gas, do you top off the tank or do you stop filling when the nozzle shuts off?

Could (would) you give more speicifics? Does ANYTHING happen when you turn the ignition key? What?

I stop filling when the nozel shuts off usually, and today I only filled it halfway. Should I start topping it off? Is it something that will get worse over time?

Thanks for your help!

Yes, the engine turns over, it just doesn’t get quite enough juice. Sometimes it will start, but then it peters out. If I can get it started and drive it around for a while it seems to be fine.

Should I start topping it off?

No, topping it off can CAUSE the problem, not cure it. I doubt if this one has that specific problem however.

Are you sure it is related to getting gas? Have you ever just stopped the engine for two or three minutes and then try restarting it?

No, that’s a good point. Although I think that in my day to day life I probably do that occasionally without getting gas. I’ll try it out though. My last Honda Accord had a similar problem with periodically not starting and I eventually replaced the starter and the catalytic converter. Then traded it for one that does the same thing…