Wont start

I have not started my 1995 Honda Accord for 2 weeks. Now it will turn over but will die right away. The gas was on empty so I put a gallon in. It keeps turning over so I don’t think that it is the gas or the battery. Any ideas what it is? Do I need to have it towed?

Im no expert but the few times i ran out of gas i had too put atleast 3-4 gallons in too start backup.

Get a jump start. Hondas like to have a good, strong, 5 second burst of battery power for cranking. Crank the engine for no more than 10 seconds at a time.
If it was very hot inside the car, open windows for a few minuets to cool the car’s interior; then, try to start it.

The gas was on empty so I put a gallon in.

I suspect there is more to this story. Is there?

Allowing the gas to go to empty or even close is not a good idea with any modern car for a number of reasons. Running low can cause a clogged fuel filter, damaged pump or an air lock in the system.

Someone who knows your car better might be able to offer some more specific advice, but I would suggest adding a few more gallons of fuel. Then turn the ignition to on and wait a minute, then off and repeat a few times. On some cars this may help get the fuel back into the system.

Then you may need to jump the battery to actually start it, if you are lucky.

Next would include checking the fuel pressure and replacing the fuel filter.