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My Car Seat Warmer (and my sweater!) Caught Fire While I Was Driving

The seat warmer of the driver’s seat of my 2006 Mercedes R Class caught fire while I was driving in the fast lane of the New Jersey Turnpike. It took a few horrifying minutes to realize the acrid smell was not the industrial landscape but the burning wool of the sweater I was wearing. Recently a friend told me of a seat warmer fire in another Mercedes. Anybody else out there?

The Best, …Or Nothing… Call your lawyer ! Call your lawyer! You could have been killed! Oh my God!!

With very little prodding, the Dealer should install a new seat in your car…

I searched the US Department of Transportation database, and there are no recalls or complaints for this problem. You should certainly bring it to MBs attention. Your first stop should be your dealer. I guess your seats are charred? Also show them the sweater. You might also file a complaint at the US DoT, but give MB a chance to help you first:


Take detailed pictures of the damaged seat (and sweater) before you let a dealer touch it.

I would definitely call a lawyer, although I’d give Mercedes a chance to find the problem and rectify it.

I’ve heard that those Mercedes seat warmers work well, but geez!

I suppose the opposite would be using the seat cooler and getting frost bite/ ice formation