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Hot Lexus

I have a 2008 Lexus ES350. The seat back gets really hot, regardless of where the seat-temperature control is set. Has anyone else experienced the same problem?

should be covered by your new car warranty…take back to dealership.

I have to agree with mshugna. The only thing you need to know is exactly what you told us. You don’t need to tell the dealer why it is that way or how to fix it, that is their problem and they are not likely to listen to you anyway.

It doesn’t matter whether every Lexus owner has experienced it, or whether you are the only one with this problem. It is the dealer’s responsibility to fix the problem, without cost to you. And, as has already been said, it is not your responsibility to diagnose the problem, but only to describe the symptoms to the dealership.

The solution to the problem is spelled w-a-r-r-a-n-t-y.

The dealer has looked at it 4 times, and can’t find anything wrong. They think I’m nuts.

Does it get hot with the heat turned off? Is it at all possible that the knob or switch that you believe is the seat heater control actually controls something else, and not the seat heater?

Get a meat thermometer and press it against the seat while the car is off. Record the temperature after it stabilizes. Then go for a ride with the meat thermometer in the same position and record the temperature after it stabilizes. Last, turn the seat heater on and repeat the process. Don’t press the thermometer onto the seat with your hand over the measuring tip; that will just measure your temperature.

So, does this problem occur only during daytime with full or partial sunshine?

Your car has a near flat rear window and with the sun out it’s possible that sunlight is simply overheating the rear seat.

The Second Generation and later Camaros for example have flat rear glass and the rear seats in those are prone to cooking the occupants. That’s why the rear window louvers were offered as an option.

Have a friend or a family member try to confirm what you believe is happening with the seat. If they agree with you, then you should contact Lexus Customer Support (or whatever they call the factory people who intervene with the dealership on your behalf). Look in your Owner’s Manual for contact information.

Hey Duke, Use A Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer (No, I’m Not Kidding, This Time)

I have one. I got a nice one for 50 bucks on sale. Somebody (technician) at the dealer has one. Have them park your car by one of their’s, similarly equipped (same color / type upholstery!). With both cars the same temperature, turn both seats on at the same time. Give them time to do their thing. Now, shoot them each with the thermometer. You will have the actual temperatures. You will know if “They all do that!” or “You really are nuts!”

If That Baby Gets Hot Enough To Cook Pork Or Chicken, Then John Wayne Would Be Burned!

J.T., I like the “scientific” thermometer idea. However, Mrs. CSA’s meat thermometer starts at rare beef / cooked ham (140F). A little warmer than that and it would leave a mark! I think it would even ruin a nice golf shirt. Great for snacks, though! I’m thinking a thermometer that is a little more sensitve to lower temperatures. See my next post for a take-off on this idea.