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2003 Honda Accord - Hot Seat

2003 Honda Accord EXL V6
Since 2005 the driver’s side seat heater has been WAY TOO HOT—so hot that it burns and cannot be used safely. I’ve taken it into the Honda Dealership several times and reported it but the Honda service guy said they’d have to replace the entire seat and would not do it even when it was still under warranty. Have there been any other complaints or recalls about this issue?

You don’t have to leave it on. After it gets you warm just turn it off . This is not a recall item .

Why do you even care to take this to the dealer after 13 years of suffering a seat that’s too hot.

WAY, waaay more patient that I’ve ever been in my life. Sell, it, crush it or give the car away.

Find a good independent mechanic and ask him to unplug the seat heater. Or pull the fuse!!!


What I would do is install a wood bead seat cover.

This would prevent coming in direct contact with seat surface, and would allow using the seat heater without being burned.


Are those still around I have not seen one in many year’s?

When was the last time you looked at drivers seat of a big-rig?


That was the last place I saw one I used to see them for sale in truck stop’s but since I retired haven’t had any reason to go to one.