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Car seat heaters

I bought my car new 2 years ago and “negotiated” for seat heaters to be installed as they did not come standard on the car I liked that was already on the lot. I have always thought they were a little sub par as the seats just heat and heat until it feels like your bottom is burning at which point I switch them off…cool down and then turn them on and start the cycle again.

Over the weekend my car has had a funny smell and when I looked at my seat today ther is a brown “singe” mark in the leather. The seat heater must have been getting so hot it has burnt the leather. I’ve dropped it back to the dealers for their evaluation bt am wondering did they put a sub par product in my car from the get go? Should seat heater just get hotter and hotter until you can’t stand it anymore? Should I make them replace the passenger seat heater to as it does the same thing but doesn’t get used as much so hasn’t burnt that seat yet?

I think you need to approach this problem with a question to the Dealer about how does the system installed in your car compare with the system you would have gotten if the car came so equipped. When you know this you can start comparing what does or doesn’t work.

I suspect the dealer sent your car to an upholstery shop to have the heaters installed and at this point you will not get very much satisfaction from the dealer…

Yep, that’s what I think too. I don’t know if they are on a thermostat or not and don’t think they are, but I have a high and low setting. I never use them though.