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2018 Chevrolet Equinox - My ears feel hot

headrest caught on fire

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And just how did that happen ?

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A little–no, make that a lot–more information is in order. My best guess as to what happened would be a problem with heated seats.

You have to tell us more!

Don’t drink flaming shots of tequila in the car any more.


Yes, but the heating elements in the seat are not anywhere near the head restraint.
(No, it’s NOT a “head rest”…)

If the seat heater was to blame, the seat itself would have erupted in flames long before the head restraint was involved.


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I’m thinking… LOTS of Brylcreme … Mad Men amounts of Brylcreme… and an errant lit cigarette!

Is that it? Did I win a year’s supply of Brylcreme and Lucky Strikes?


1 in a billion chance of the sunroof acting as a magnifying glass setting the head restraint on fire??? I really hope @michael08 doesn’t become another 1 post ghost and comes back to give us more details!

The seat back could have been smoldering internally and flames emerged at the base of the head restraint. Of course, I’m sure you have a much better explanation.

I really doubt if that scenario is likely, but ONLY the OP can tell us the actual sequence of events.
All of us are forced to speculate about what happened, after being given exactly four words of “explanation” by the OP.

You beat me to it, but I was thinking Vitalis.

I’ve only had that happen one time. I was a teenager and I was on a date with a really hot chick, blonde, physically fit, built, not real bright …

Well, it wasn’t really the headrest that caught fire, but close enough! You get the picture, eh?

“Can he say that?” :see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :speak_no_evil:
“He just did!”

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That can happen when you think you threw that cigarette out the window. It’s a litter mitigation system that the feds. will probably mandate in the near future.
But with the abundance of info provided. I’d guess a tossed cigarette didn’t make it out the barely cracked window. And it got lodged between the seat back and bottom of headrest.

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True story many year’s ago a friend was riding with ma and threw a lit cigarette out the window and he thought it it came back in and landed in his between his leg’s he slapped around thought he had got it out a very short time later he slapped around again and thought he had it a short time later he did it again as the car had bench seat’s I pulled over to make sure it did not get between the seat and back to catch fire it was not the cigarette but a yellow jacket needles to say but he was hurting for a few day’s it still hurt’s me to think about it.