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My car is making a noise (video attached)

My car is making a noise (video attached)
It sounds like it’s coming from the front left side while I’m driving.

Video link


Sure sounds like the wheel cover (hubcap) isn’t fully seated. To me it looks like you’ve got those plastic wheel covers and if they aren’t fully seated they move around a bit as you drive and make noise. Failing that, my next guess is a bent brake rotor shield lightly rubbing the brake rotor. Not a safety issue, just annoying. Could be a CV joint needing service, like a torn boot has allowed the grease to wash away. Check the lug nuts for tightness while you are checking the wheel cover.

Post what you find or if you don’t find anything so we can suggest more.


While I think that all of Mustangman’s suggestions are good ones, the one that I think is most likely is a bent dust shield that is scraping against the brake rotor.

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Thanks everyone! I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a bent [something], especially with Detroit’s potholes.

New evidence.

My car just started shaking on the freeway when I reached about 65-70 mph
Now when I press the brake, my car makes this sound:

I would suggest to jack up the offending wheel, pull the tire and rotate the wheel by hand. It might give you a better clue and you can observe what is happening in real time.

I doubt it is the dust shield, more like wheel bearings or CV joint or really, really bad break pads.

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Have a shop check the lug nuts. The wheel may be loose. Do this as soon as possible. You don’t want the wheel to come off while driving.

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I needed a torsion bar for the rear, a left-front caliper and brake pad replaced. The mechanic at the shop did it all for 270.

$270 for all that? That’s a very good price. So the symptoms are gone now? Good for you. And thanks for posting the result of the diagnosis . Best of luck.