Knocking sound with every rotation of wheel


I have been hearing a knocking sound from rear passenger side wheel. My car is a Toyota Solara 2007 with 87k miles on it, tires were changed last week so the issue is not with the tire. I have attached the video url. Can someone please give me an idea on why am I hearing this noise.
The noise starts after I drive for some distance (15-20 miles), it does not start as soon as I start driving.


I think you might have fake lugnuts on the hubcap, pull the hubcap and see if one of the lugnuts fell off or there is a rock in there,

Thank you for responding. I showed it to a mechanic 3 weeks ago and got my tires changed and wheel aligned so I don’t think the problem is with the lug nuts. The mechanic said that it is possibly due to rust, which occurred due to the car being kept idle in the garage for a month or so. He said after a week it should be fine. But after that I have driven some 600 miles and I can still hear the noise. Can it be due to some other reason ?

It isn’t due to rust. That was just pure BS.
I think the first thing I’d do is elevate the wheel and turn it by hand to see if it also makes the noise when not loaded. The car will then need to go on a lift, have the wheel removed, and be examined, including having the hub turned by hand without the wheel on. By that point the mechanic should have pretty well isolated the source of the noise.

It may be as simple as a bent dust shield behind the disc, or a loose/hanging wheel speed sensor (do you have any warning light?), or you could even have a fracture in the wheel that’s allowing it to move when the wheel rolls like the two sides of an earthquake fault… and it needs to be looked at for that if the noise goes away when the wheel is unloaded (elevated), because a fracture of that nature could fail suddenly. A fracture of this nature could also be verified by moving the wheel to another corner and seeing if the noise follows the wheel.

“due to rust” ? total BS. If the mechanic didn’t put it on a lift and check it by manually turning the wheel, as TSM said, drop that shop and find a competent mechanic elsewhere.

"I think you might have fake lugnuts on the hubcap"

I thought it was pretty obvious that we were looking at an alloy wheel, not at a steel wheel with a “hub cap”.

I agree that the “due to rust” diagnosis is bogus, and the likelihood is that the OP merely has a bent brake dust shield. However, a visit to a different mechanic is needed at this point, as I don’t think that the OP can trust someone who chalked this up to rust.

Thank you guys. I will get it checked then. However I still did not understand why the noise becomes noticeable only after driving some 20 miles or so. It is not noticeable when I start driving. Is it related to some heating of the wheels ?
I am new to this so I have no idea about it.
@thesamemountainbike. It’s not showing any warning lights.

I think too that it’s a dust shield that got bent from a stone being thrown from the road.

As you drive and the brakes heat up a bit, the rotor expands just enough for it to come in contact with the shield.

I’m not going to be too hard on the mechanic. The rotor may have cooled enough while he waited to get it on the lift, and he was just presuming that the noise was a rusty rotor by your description.


Thank you. I will get it checked, hope it’s not very bad.

Yosemite . I was just checking some videos of noise caused by dust shield, in those I saw that there is a constant scrapping noise which is genrally produced but in my case there is a “tuck sound” produced after every rotation of the wheel. I noticed that when a particular alphabet (of the brand name inscribed on the tire) reaches the break pad the sound occur.

a warped rotor will also make the sound…only at one point in the rotation.


Thank you, I hope that’s not the case, since the breaks were changed recently and the brake system was also checked recently.

Did the noise start right after you had the brakes repaired? Cause and effect?

“the breaks were changed recently and the brake system was also checked recently.”


Maybe the mechanic accidentally bent the shield when doing the brakes. Or maybe he left his left index finger behind.

At almost 10 years old the brake shields could be partly rotted away if you live in the rust belt.
as for the rotor being warped…there may be a problem with that caliper and it over heated the rotor, and now it’s warped.

I’d take it back to the place that did the brakes, if it’s been less than a month.


Wonder if it’s a loose shim plate behind the brake pad. Maybe the new pads came with the integrated/riveted shims, but someone threw in the old metal shim plate, too?

Or, could a weight of some kind on the inside of the wheel be repeatedly lifting the edge of a dust cover over the pads? I remember having an older vehicle that had such a cover that snapped onto the caliper. Every car I’ve had since just has those big “springs” integrated into the pads that squeeze down as you drop the caliper over them. Maybe one of these “springs” is sticking out of the caliper hole and contacting a weight on the inside of the wheel?? If that’s the case, someone needs to be more careful doing brake jobs!!

Thanks guys. Got it checked. The mechanic told that the parking brakes on that wheel were too tight, which caused it to hit the rotor every time the wheel rotated. The brakes have been readjusted now. I hope the problem has been fixed.

Glad to hear that you are back on the road without the objectionable noise.


But why was the sound delayed?