Weird noise, tire related

My car makes a weird noise when moving. It would be really hard to explain with words. I’ll try though.

The sound seems to be tied directly to a rotational pattern. So as the tires turn, at a certain point it will make this scraping noise. The faster the wheels turn the quicker the noise comes, and it’s at a regular interval. It makes this noise when going in forward or reverse. Maybe a little nastier in reverse.

When going really slow the sound it makes is like a scraping noise. The sound would be similar to the noise you might make if you were pretending to use a walkie talkie. You know the fake noise you make after you say “over”. When going faster the noise turns into more of a fast, repeated click.

Additional info that might be relevant:

I have had all four tires off and on multiple times recently. I have replaced the rear wheel cylinders on both sides. I have re-ran all brake lines front and back. It sounds like the noise is coming from the front left tire, but I could be wrong.

Any thoughts?

It could be brake related, CV joint related, or even a simple bent dust shield.

The best way to find it is to put the front end safely on jack stands with the tranny in neutral, try spinning each wheel by hand, and see from where the noise is originating. Then start looking and disassebling as necessary.

I’ll definitely try putting it up on a jack and spinning the tires. It seems like it’s only coming from one tire, so it will isolate the area better. When I ran the brakelines I had to bleed the brakes at every tire, so I’m kinda wondering if it has something to do with that.

The rims/tires that I put on the car, they were given to me. It APPEARS as though they fit just fine. The center ring is snug, and all the lugs are snug to where they’re supposed to be. But I didn’t buy them from a tire shop, or buy tires that were designed for the car. I wonder if this might have something to do with it. But like I said, the noise only comes from one spot. If there was a problem with the fitting of the rims I think I’d hear weird noises coming from all of the tires.

There is no wobbling, or alignment issues. The car drives straight as an arrow. And for sure, there is no sort of plastic shield or mudflap type thing that it’s scraping up against. If that was the case then it would be a constant scraping instead of a cyclic noise.

Thanks for the response though. I’ll post more about my findings/solutions when they come about.

I figured it out. It took a little while. When I jacked my car up and spun each tire individually it only just barely made a ticking noise on one tire. I took the tire off and noticed that the dust guard looked a little too tight so I took a screwdriver to it and bent it a little bit out of the way. Drove it around for a bit and it still made the noise.

I took the tire off again and spun it in a circle a few more times. I was able to pinpoint where the noise was coming after further inspection. I don’t know what everything is called back there, but behind the breaks, on part of the drive shaft there is a rubber gasket. The rubber gasket is held down by a pinch clamp. Every time this would rotate around, the pinch part would hit the break line just a bit. I had previously messed with the brake lines when I replaced them a while back and forgot to put a little bracket back on.

Oh well, no harm done. I just bent the brakeline back into it’s normal place and zip tied it to something. Here’s a picture of what I’m talking about. You might be able to see what I’m talking about.