Brake shield



I have a 2000 toyota camry ce and I just had 4 new tires put on however a scraping sound that seems to be coming from the drivers side rear tire occurs intermittently. I hear it on turns, usually right, just after the car starts moving and while going over bumps. I have been told that it could be brake shield. The Sears people tried to tell me that it is the muffler pipe in the area of the catalytic converter and the “resonator”. Can you help me?


First take it back to Sears and make sure!!! that they did not bend anything in the tire process…aka the brake or backing shield. They are made of light gauge metal and can get bent easily. Second…if that is NOT it, go to a muffler shop. Many will inspect your muffler system for free. Explain the symptoms and have them SHOW you if they is a problem…don’t take their word…If you dont like their answer…get a second opinion !!! You are the customer!!!
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