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Scrapping sound on

I have a 2014 Chevy cruze LT turbo. I hear a scraping sound from the front right tire when accelerating. It gets louder he faster you go It sounds like something is scrapping on the from tire but I looked and another is there.

There are too many things that can produce a scraping noise.I suggest you drive to the nearest independant mechanic to find the problem. Here are a list of things that can produce a similar sound

  1. worned brakes or caliper is seizing
  2. bended brake dust shield
  3. sagging wheel liner
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Yep… @COROLLAGUY1 stole the words right out of my mouth.

The only thing I can add really is a possible wheel bearing starting to fail…because if the front wheels were not recently off the vehicle, then it is unlikely that it is a bent dust shield (usually an excellent suspect after wheel removal or brake service) but if the wheels were not recently off the vehicle it is difficult to bend those dust shields…a failing wheel bearing is able to produce the same exact dust shield noise, but for different reasons. When a bearing starts failing it will allow the hub to deflect…which also takes the brake rotor with it…and when that happens the rotor now contacts the dust shield and makes that noise. Just pointing out how you can get dust shield noise without a wheel having been removed…

I would be looking into the suggestions already given and see what you come up with.

Mine rusted out completely on one side (passenger side)and pieces of the dust shield fell inside the wheel producing a loud rattle noise.It took almost 19 years to rust out.

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LOL… Yep, that would do it also. I’ve seen that happen before maybe once or twice also… it seems to be rare but yeah it’s possible. The anchor points of the “Pie Pan” rust to dust and the rest of that shield just sort of flaps in the breeze… ha… yeah…play with these things long enough and theres almost no end to the way parts can fail it seems.

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