My Car Dies

My 89 Mustang GT dies after running it for a while. After aprox. 30 min I can start it again but only after I let it rest. I?ve taken it to a couple of mechanics and they have changed the spark plug wires, the coil and have put it on the computer but can?t figure out the problem.

The problem might be with the ignition module mounted to the side of the distributor. One way to find out is, carry an extra sparkplug in the vehicle. The next time the engine stalls, remove a sparkplug wire from one of the plugs and insert the extra sparkplug into the end of the plug wire. Set the plug and wire on the engine somewhere so the plug body is grounded to the engine. Now have someone crank the engine over while you watch the tip of the sparkplug. The spark on the plug should be bright and blue in color. If it’s more of a yellow color or nonexistant, the ignition module could be failing when it heats up.