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It act's like a dead battery

have a 98 Mustang GT w/a 4.6 V8. Can be driving for an hour or two and have to come to a stop due to a red light or stop sign. The engine die’s. Let it set for 15 to 30 min’s and it will start back up and go on like nothing happened.

When it dies do you have any electrical power at all? Lights, signals, blower motor working? If so it isnt your battery…but more than likely the coil pack failing on you. Need to know the answer to my question first…

Does the motor crank well but just not fire up, or not even crank? I was also thinking about coils that don’t fire correctly when exposed to heat and might need replacing.

The motor does not crank at all, just like the battery is dead, than after 15 to 30 min’s it starts up and acts like nothing happened. It’s always happened during the day and I never thought about checking to see if it has any electrical power